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Water Line Project Complete in Gruetli-Laager

Big Creek Utility District is proud to announce that the water line project along SR 108 and JB Hart Rd. between 62nd Avenue and 65th Avenue in Gruetli-Laager has been completed. There is some road repair left to do, but the water line is in service and is performing to expectations. The expectations were that pressure along SR 399 in the Barkers Cove area would improve and flow would increase to the eastern portion of the Big Creek service area.
The old 6” cast iron water main, which was prone to leaks on a regular basis, has been replaced with 12” Ductile Iron pipe which should perform well for many years to come. Big Creek is also proud to say that this water line was installed by Big Creek employees. A contractor was used to open the ditch and the operators did lend a hand, but the bulk of the work was performed by Big Creek personnel. This resulted in better care taken for construction and also a lower cost of installation.
The new pipe was installed on private property, which required easements from landowners. Big Creek would like to thank those who allowed the pipe to be installed on their property. It would have been extremely difficult to complete the project if it had not been for the people that gave permission to cross their land.

More to Come……

Big Creek Utility District is in the planning process for more improvements in the not too distant future. The next project will consist of replacing water line along SR 108 and SR 399 between 20th Avenue in Gruetli-Laager and Daus Mountain Road in Palmer. Currently, Big Creek is in the process of acquiring easements for crossing private land. This will take some time because the distance of the project consist of many landowners and some do not live in the area.
This project will have to be completed by contract labor rather than Big Creek employees due to the magnitude of the project. While Big Creek strives to do as many projects as possible with its own staff, this project would inhibit the ability of Big Creek employees to perform their daily duties. Big Creek Utility District does not want the quality of service or the quality of water to suffer due to overloading its employees. However, a limited number of Big Creek employees will be at the construction site to ensure that customers are treated fairly when contract labor is utilized.
The purpose of this project is replace old water line that leaks on a regular basis. This causes interruption in service, water loss and lower water quality. Big Creek Utility District strives to provide the safest, cleanest and most reliable water service possible. This project is another way of achieving that goal.

New Projects Slated for 2017

Big Creek Utility District continually seeks ways to improve its water system and provide the best and safest water possible. Improvements have already been made to the water system over the last couple of years, which has made water service more reliable with the installation of backup electricity and the replacement of old water mains. This year Big Creek is planning to continue to improve the water system with replacement of old tanks at the water treatment plant and the replacement of more old water mains.

The water treatment plant was constructed in 1962 and much of the infrastructure installed at that time is still in place. There has been quite a bit of the old equipment replaced and additions made to the plant, but some of the original infrastructure is still being used. This old infrastructure includes two old clearwells, which are water tanks used for the collection of water before the water is pumped to the water system. These tanks are metal and quickly deteriorating. Thanks to a low interest loan from the State Revolving Loan Program, these clearwells are going to be replaced with one larger, concrete clearwell. This type of tank will require much less maintenance and help preserve a higher quality of water throughout the treatment process.

As well as the water treatment plant, the water system was constructed in 1962. Water lines were installed to meet the needs of a large portion of northern Grundy County. Again, a lot of these water lines are still in service. Big Creek plans to replace a small section of the original water line this summer. Local people have probably noticed some tree clearing taking place from 62nd Avenue to 65th Avenue in Gruetli-Laager. This is being done to allow for the installation of a new twelve inch water main. This project is being done to replace old six inch cast iron water line with a main that will allow for a higher flow of water to Palmer and the Barkers Cove area. Funding for the project is coming from Big Creek. There are no loans to repay which costs customers less money and the project can be done on Big Creek’s schedule, which is usually quicker.

Big Creek is proud of the steps being taken to improve the water system and upgrade the infrastructure in Grundy County. Projects like these will allow for more reliable and safe drinking water for now and in the future.